Packers Tickets

2015 record of $375 million in revenue, up more than $50 million for this past year, arrives mostly for the new national broadcast contracts that elevated the revenue of all the teams in the league, also to the completely new Packers Professional Shop that opened up the last summer season.

National revenue, which comprises about sixty percent in the Packers(take a look at’ total revenue picture and includes the broadcast deals, elevated $38.7 million within the last fiscal year while local revenue elevated $12.9 million.

Over half of the rise in local revenue was due to the completely new Professional Shop, now situated in the new bottom floor in the Lambeau Area Atrium.

Expenses hopped too, up $37.8 million, mainly due to three factors – depreciation in the latest round of stadium improvements, a test within the league consequently of debt refinancing, and expenses connected with the development of the arrival “Titletown” district.

The Packers have ongoing purchase making the land around Lambeau Position for future development.

Player costs, ongoing to become relatively stable, but they are expected to improve next season, just like a greater salary cap will be a consequence of the revenue created by the new broadcast contracts.

Furthermore, the endowment for your Packers Foundation has surpassed $20 million. The Packers still explore variable ticket prices.